Hello, Thank you for visiting my website. I am Dean Carrothers, owner and sole proprietor of DC AXES LLC. I am currently building custom electric guitars for today’s modern guitarist, but not limited too. I have enjoyed many years in the wood working industry and various model shops.

I have over 30 + years’ experience with wood working  and extensive on hands training of string instruments. The passion for music and guitars started at a very early age for me. I still own to this day my very first guitar inherited from my father at his passing. I remember playing his guitar as a child and knew this was a forever lasting relationship. As time progressed I focused more on family life and never took a career as a professional musician. I always found myself tinkering around on guitars. My experience in the wood craftsman industry has given me the opportunity to work with many expert craftsmen. (Thank you Bob Maye for sharing many years of knowledge and leadership.) Bob Maye was the senior craftsman at a major furniture manufacturing company for over 50 years. I remember spending many hours a day under his guidance crafting custom wood parts and advance fixturing. My experience and attention to detail has allowed me to work in a leading manufacture company as Lead Quality Engineer and Team manager.  I am told to this day; I would probably never make money, for I am too particular and pay too much attention to detail to make production and profit. Well, I always reply, “This is a custom shop and customers deserve good quality instruments”  “No corners will be cut, no project will be classified as a production model “.  “I build them one at a time.”

A custom DC AXE does not carry a 5, 10, or 50 year warranty. Excluding normal wear, our custom axes carry a life time warranty for craftsmanship and parts, as long as the business doors are open. Period.  My customers will become a part of the DC Axe family. All builds will use only the best of tone woods, parts and electronics. Visit our gallery today for available models.